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Dr. Clark's Supplement Guide in her  2 week Cancer Program

[as in "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", 2007 edition]

 Dr. Clark's 2 week Cancer Program

Dr. Clark's supplements for the 2 week Cancer Program

Please bear in mind that:

  • the dental clean-up and other clean-ups are still the core of the therapy;
  • no therapy in medicine works in 100% of the cases, and the disappointing result may be just for lack of correct application.
  • the best results are only possible if Syncrometer testing is available.
  • With this 2 week program dentalwork, homeography, platezapping  and the correct diet for each single case are part of this protocol and not to be done without.

Caution: The dosages recommended here are for cancer patients only. After 2 weeks cut all dosages in half or skip every other day instead of reducing the dose. After the 3rd week, at half dosage, cut it in half again, so you are on about 1/4 of the starting dosages.                    

Supplement  Usage of Supplement  in the 2 week Cancer Program
 Hydrangea root  Feeds the immune system
 Sodium selenite  Feeds the immune system
 Rose hip powder  Feeds the immune system
 Vitamin C  Feeds the immune system and detox of radioactivity
 Frozen currants Feeds the immune system
IP6  Removes polonium, calcified tumor deposits, radioactivity and heavy metals
 Ginger root  Removes methyl malonate and unblocks kidneys
 Uva Ursi  Removes methyl malonate and unblocks kidneys
 Vitamin D3  Removes tumor calcium deposits together with IP6 and Inositol
  Stimulates the mitocondria of the tumor cells to divide and grow, producing in this way more oxygen
 EDTA  for mouthwashes, removes polonium at mouth site
 Vitamin B2  Removes dyes and benzene
Magnesium  Helps detox phenol
 Citric acid  Helps mitochondria make energy
Vitamin B6  Dissolves kidney stones, helps transaminases
 Decaris  Kills strongyloides, ascaris, dirofilaria, onchocerca and removes ferritin 
 Potassium gluconate mixed in salt-loving food  Causes better intake of oxygen. Cellular respiratory stimulant. All cancer patients are lacking
 Hcl (5%)  Sterlization
 Cascara Sagrada  only for constipation
 Pepsin  Helps digest and remove undigested food
 Digestive enzymes  Helps digest and remove undigested food
 Lipase&Pancreatin Digests the proteic part of a tumor
 Bromelain  Digests ferritin coatin off of WBCs
 Vitamin A  Growth regulator. Repairs metabolism
 Ornithine  Part of the urea synthesis cycle - removes ammonia
 Melatonin  For insomnia
 Lugol's iodine  Removes salmonella and is a thyroid enhancer
 Turmeric  Removes E. coli and shigella
 Fennel  Removes E. coli and Shigella
 Betaine Hydrochloride  Removes Clostridium at intestinal level
 Oregano oil  Kills clostridium
 Oscillococccinum  For flu-like symptoms
 MSM  Destroys onion chemicals
 Pantothenate Helps kill yeast and shigella
 Fresh pomegranate peel and grinded seeds For detox symptoms and remove Echinoporyphium recurvatum
Ozonated water Removes free cyanides
 Detox. teas:
 Epazote tea  For detox symptoms
 Burdock Tea  For detox symptoms
 Eucalyptus tea  For detox symptoms, removes chlorox and bacterial inflammation
 Birchbark tea  as above
 Bonset tea  For detox symptoms, has a good effect on liver and helps eliminate parasites and bacteria
 Reishi mushroom  For detox symptoms
 Parasite program:  
 Black walnut tincture  Parasite cleanse - removes the adult stage of parasite
 Wormwood  Parasite cleanse - removes the larval stage of parasite
 Cloves  Parasite cleanse - removes the egg stage of parasite
 Sodium bicarbonate  to regulate the pH

Vitamins, supplements
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