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Metal Removal Guide

Kidneys must be in good-working condition before removing metals

Is a chelating agent, which means it combines with heavy metals to yield complexes that can be eliminated by the body. Being a very small water and fat soluble molecule, thiocitc acid has access to almost any tissue in the body and work within cells too. It increases the intra cellular level of glutathione. Glutathione is the most important cerebral antioxidant. That is why thioctic acid is especially important to eliminate heavy metals from the brain and other nervous tissue

CYSTEINE, METHIONINE, TAURINE (sulphur containing amino acids) AND GLUTATHIONE:
Especially the heavy metals, cadmium, arsenic and mercury bind with sulphur to create sulfides and thus become soluble to be excreted from the body. Glutathione is also an important antioxidant. Taurine and glutathione can improve the detoxification capacity.of the liver.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane):
Is an organic sulphur compound. As a source of sulphur it helps eliminate heavy metals, just like the sulphur containing amino acids, by chelating the heavy metals and making them soluble. MSM works primarily extra cellular.

VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid):
Stimulates in high doses the liver’s enzyme system. That helps detoxify the blood and toxic substances such as pesticides and heavy metals are better excreted.  It also reduced the absorption of heavy metals in the intestines. A higher level of free radicals such as caused by heavy metals uses up more vitamin C, empties the body’s vitamin C vaults and increases the probability of a state of deficiency. Vitamin C also directly interacts with copper to change it into a state that can be used by the body’s enzyme system.

Protects from toxic aluminium, can reduce the deposition of lead in connective tissue and therefore its cell toxicity and reduce the neurotoxic effect of mercury.

L-A  (lysine-aspartic acid):
is present in all our white blood cells. It specifically helps them remove copper, cobalt, vanadium, toxic germanium, toxic selenium, toxic chromate and nickel. This set of metals is our “natural” set; those brought in by bacteria or fungus, as opposed to unnatural ones brought in by amalgam, body products, etc.

L-A Recipe:
• 1 tsp. L-aspartic acid
• 1 tsp. L-lysine powder
• 1 1/3 cups water

L-G (lysine – glutamic acid):
is found normally present in at least ten kinds of white blood cells including lymphocytes, neutrophils, and even eosinophils. The CD4s and CD8s normally kill viruses but without L-G they do not. They seem to fill up on them or attack them but are not able to kill them. All CD4s and other white blood cells that do not have L-G present, have mercury and/or thallium stuck inside them. This is coming from amalgam deposits, located in very many places in the body. Helps the CD4s and others to expel their mercury and thallium.

L-G recipe:
• 1 tsp. L-glutamic acid powder (not glutamine)
• 1 tsp. L-lysine powder (you may open capsules)
• 11/3 cups water

Metal removal recipe: (to be done for 1 to 2 months)

 Ingredient  Morning  Lunch  Supper  Quantity in cap
 MSM  1  1  1    650 mg
 Selenium  0  0  1  200 mcg
Thioctic acid  1  1  0    350 mg
 L-Cysteine  1  1  0  500 mg
 Vitamin C  1  1  0  1000 mg

Glutathione: is similar to L-cysteine. It is also regenerative for the liver

Taurine: it is good for diabetic patients

Methionine: similar to MSM but it unbalances the pH

The homeographic take-out drops remove metals and others. Go here: Homeography

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