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Dr. Clark's Supplement Guide in her  21 day Cancer Program

[as in "The Cure for all Advanced Cancers", 1999 edition]

Dr. Clark's 21 day Cancer Program

Dr. Clark's supplements for the 21 day Cancer Program

The 21 day program is described in detail in Dr. Clark's book "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers".

We have seen amazing results iwith this program. Please bear in mind that:

  • the dental clean-up and other clean-ups are still the core of the therapy;
  • no therapy in medicine works in 100% of the cases, and the disappointing result may be just for lack of correct application.
  • the best results are only possible if Syncrometer testing is available.

Caution: The dosages recommended here are for cancer patients only, and then only for 3 weeks. DO NOT use this cancer curing program to PREVENT cancer or for other diseases. These dosages have not evaluated when taken for a prolonged period of  time.                                                                                                                                      

Supplement  Usage of Supplement  in the 21 day Program
 Amino Acids  Building blocks for proteins
 Arginine  Remove ammonia, which is a waste product equivalent to our urine, produced by dying parasites
 Betaine Hydrochloride  Removes clostridium from the intestine
 Beta Carotene  Precursor to Vitamin A
 Biotin  Makes certain enzymes work
 Black walnut Hull Tincture Parasite cleanse - removes  the adult stage of parasites
 Bromelain  Digests ferrtin coating off the white blood cells
 Calcium carbonate  This supplement is deficient in cancer patients
 Cayenne  Kills streptococcus
 Cloves  Parasite cleanse - removes the egg stage of  parasites
 Coenzyme Q10  Removes tapeworms and dyes and is part of the cellular respiratory cycle
 Cysteine  Removes toxins, kills parasites and bacteria
 Digestive Enzymes  For digestion
 Fennel  Removes E. coli and shigela
 Folic Acid  Essential for cell health and cell division
Frankincense  Helps remove RAS and kills off latent viruses
 Glutamic acid  Amino acid
 Glutathione  Protects the liver and removes heavy metals
 Hydrangea  Immune stimulant
 Hydrochloric Acid (5% USP)  Food sanitizer
 Inositol  Removes bacterial and industrial toxins
 IP6  Dissolves calcium deposits
 Lipase&Pancreatin  Digests the protein part of the tumor
 Liver herbs  Sends toxins to kidneys
 Lugol's iodine  Removes salmonella, boosts thyroid
 Magnesium oxide  Detoxes phenol
 Magnets  Removes lathanides
 Methionine  Removes heavy metals
 MSM  Transforms bad germanium and ferric iron to good. Immune stimulant. Helps eliminate undigested food such as oil
 Niacin  Helps make NAD which help enzymes in their function
 Niacinamide  Oxidizes and reduces
 Oregano oil  Kills clostridum and streptococcus
 Ornithine  Part of the urea synthesis cycle together with arginine helps remove ammonia
Pantothenic acid Helps make Coenzyme A which is part of the cellular respiratory cycle
 Potassium gluconate  Causes better intake of oxygen. Is a respiratory stimulant. All cancer patients have a lack of potassium
 Selenium  Repairs metabolism
 Taurine  Helps detox cholesterol and steroids. Good for liver
 Thioctic acid  Removes heavy metals
 Turmeric  Kills E. coli and shigella
 Vitamin A  Repairs metabolism and is a growth regulator
 Vitamin B1  Increases appetite - helps to oxidize food
 Vitamin B12  Essential for cell health and cell division
 Vitamin B2  Removes benzene, dyes, large amounts opens tumors
 Vitamin B6  Helps transaminases, part of the kidney cleanse and helps dissolve kidney stones
 Vitamin C  Detox of methyl malonate, restores ferrous iron, adds reducing power
 Vitamin D3  Dissolves calcium deposits
 Vitamin E  Antioxidant
 Wormwood  Parasite cleanse - removes larval stage of parasites
 Wintergreen  Turns tumors into cysts with liquid centers
 Complete kidney cleanse:  sends toxins to bladder, dissolves kidney stones, removes methyl malonate, heavy metal, gold, azo dyes, asbestos, radioactivity, wheel bearing grease, motor oil and plastic and rubber from the kidneys
 EDTA /DMSO  Chelators
 Levamisole  Removes ascaris and asbestos
 Shark cartilage  RNASE inhibitor. Supplies amino acids
 Thyroid  Stimulates the mitocondria of the tumor cells to divide and grow, producing in this way more oxygen
 Glucuronic acid  Helps liver detox bilirubin - to avoid jaundice

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