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Mechanism of L-A

L-A is present in all our white blood cells. It specifically helps them remove copper, cobalt, vanadium, toxic germanium, toxic selenium, toxic chromate and nickel. This set of metals is our “natural” set; those brought in by bacteria or fungus, as opposed to unnatural ones brought in by amalgam, body products, etc.

Mechanism of L-G

These two amino acids combine chemically in hot water to make eight or more different dipeptides. Each is a form (isomer) of L-G. L-G travels to your thymus; this much can be observed electronically. Does it help T-cells survive? Does it do some other vital task? Today, 10 years after its discovery, some questions can be answered.

L-G is found normally present n at least ten kinds of white blood cells including lymphocytes, neutrophils, and even eosinophils. The CD4s and CD8s normally kill viruses but without L-G they do not. They seem to fill up on them or attack them but are not able to kill them. All CD4s and other white blood cells that do not have L-G present, have mercury and/or thallium stuck inside them. This is coming from amalgam deposits, located in very many places in the body. You have been robbed of your natural L-G making ability.

Fortunately, taking L-G as made in this recipe, helps the CD4s and others to expel their mercury and thallium. Perhaps it is the body’s own heavy metal chelator. Now they can kill viruses again and get your body well. If more amalgam comes their way they again fill up on all 50 or so, metals. Most of them can be destroyed or detoxified somehow. Only mercury and thallium cannot, they remain stuck in the lymphocytes and other specialized white blood cells till they are give L-G.

Taking repeated doses of L-G can clean up the white blood cells repeatedly ut this is only permanent after amalgam has been removed from the whole body. Nevertheless, this can be accomplished in about six weeks, provided there are no amalgam filled teeth still in your mouth.
As soon as L-G returns to the CD4s they manufacture interleukin 2 again, another important immune chemical. When the CD8s get their L-G they begin killing vagrant tissue bits, tumor cells, and virus filled cells. And life is back to normal.

(From: “The Prevention of all Cancers, pages 570-571;and “The Cure for HIV and AIDS”, pages 589-594; Copyright notice)

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