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Instructions for preparing homeographic drops

What is Homeography?
Frequency patterns are incorporated into water. Dr. Clark uses this method together with plate-zapping cancer patients.

What is the difference between homeographic drops or copies?
They are basically the same thing but the drops are take by mouth, whereas the copies are used for plate-zapping or for syncrometer use.

Benefits of taking homeographic drops
• Organ Drops: strengthens and cleans the organ by mobilizing the white blood cells of the organ and by restoring its frequency
• Supplies missing things such as immune weapons
• Take-out drops: Removes toxins, pathogens and parasites
• Gives a temporarily north polarization to the organ

Homeographic cancer set drops

    • Start with Protective set of kidneys and lymph (5 pcs)
    • Take-out drops of heavy metals, azo dyes and wheel bearing grease (15 pcs)
    • Take-out drops of gold and nickel (10 drops)
    • Take-out drops of rubber and plastic (10 drops)
    • Organs involved
    • Take-out drops of the organs involved
    •  Pyruvic aldehyde
    • Hypothalamus gland
    • Rhodanese enzymes

Dosage for organ drops:
6 drops 6 times daily for 2 days
6 drops 3 times  a day for 2 more days
Continue with 6 drops 1 time a day

Dosage for take-out drops:
6 drops 6 times daily for 2 days
6 drops 3 times a day for 2 days
then stop

NB: please note: dentalwork and a clean water and food source must be done before using the take-out drops. You cannot take out of your body what you are still putting in.

What are pF and uH?
pF stands for picofahad and uH for microhenry. These are electronic components.
pF gives the preference for the right side of an organ and uH the left side of an organ.

Set-up to prepare homeographic drops
• Plate
• Zapper
• Wire from the positive output of the zapper to the plate
• pF (picofarad) and uH (microhenry)
• Master bottlecopies of vascular, lymphatic system, tricalcium phosphate and involved organs  or organ slides
• Empty bottle copies
• Aluminium cylinders to cover the bottle while copying
• Pure water – chlorine-free

How to make homeographic drops
• Small brown glass or polyethylene plastic bottle with 2-3 teaspoons distilled filtered water. Put the master copy touching the blank water bottle on the right plate.
• Do not rubber band them together while copying
• Cover each bottle with the aluminium cylinders
• Wire of zapper is attached to this plate with an alligator clip
• Turn zapper on and zap for 20 seconds
• Do not touch bottles while zapping
• Turn zapper off before touching bottles
• Stick label on new-made bottle

Organ drops:
As above – to make right of left organs add pF (right) or uH (left) on the same plate but not touching the bottles nor leaning off the edge of the plate
WBCs of organ:
As above  but add the bottlecopy of WBCs touching the organ
Take-out drops:
As above – but add the substance to take out on the side of the blank water bottle touching it.

• The magnet field destroys the drops. Keep at least 6 inches apart
• Do not take homeographic drops at night
• Keep bottles out of direct sunlight
• Do not make drops of the tumor itself
• Never take drops of a parasite or a virus
• Do not switch bottle caps or nozzles
• New drops must not touch old drops in your mouth
• Do not carry them in your pocket

(From: “The Prevention of all Cancers” and Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, pages 105-125; Copyright notice)


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