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It is a targeted way of zapping and reaches specific organs electrically, with a significant effect.  A new kind of zapping that can overcome the obstacle of grease insulation. Plate-zapping is a specific way to zap preferably one organ at a time.

For example, with the sample of liver placed in the pathway between you and your zapper, the current has an instant effect on the white blood cells of your liver. Instantly they are energized and begin to eat the PCBs, the benzene, the heavy metals, the dyes, and the malonic acid in your liver. They even eat wheel bearing grease!

Like a fairy godmother that has waved her wand, all toxins are quickly taken out of the liver tissue and imprisoned in the liver white blood cells. If they have been fed themselves they can unload all this into the urine. Then they continue to eat toxins without zapper help. Gradually, conductivity returns.

Throughout the day, the organ with a tumor should be plate-zapped in various ways: combined with arteries, combined with veins, combined with white blood cells, each for 20 minutes. These zaps are followed with zaps to clear blood, lymph and the white blood cells themselves. And the kidneys are zapped to keep them from clogging repeatedly with the heavy metals and greases they are handling. Twenty-minute zaps can be kept up for eight hours or more.

Fifteen capsules (about 5 or 6 grams) of mixed enzyme powders can digest the dead matter coming from four hours of zapping. Eight hours require two such doses. More is better.

In advanced cancer nothing less than eight hours of zapping daily can catch up and exceed the rate of spread of disease. Zap eight hours daily until you are well. There are reports from victims who zapped without stopping for a whole month; symptoms cam and went while they cleaned up their environment and suddenly the disease was gone.

(From : THe Prevention of all Cancer; Copyright)

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