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All you need to know regarding the Zapper

  • What is and what does a zapper do
  • Buying a zapper
  • Side effects
  • Benefits of zapping
  • Obstacles  - How to overcome obstacles
  • Different zapping methods
  • Differences and benefits of the various zapping methods
  •         Regular zapping “standard”
  •         Regular zapping “duration”
  •         Frequency zapping
  • Differences and benefits between regular and frequency-zapping
  • Plate-zapping
  • How often should you use a zapper
  • The healthy
  • The ill

What is a zapper and what does it do

The zapper is a device invented by Dr. Clark. It kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi electrically.  Viruses and bacteria disappear in three minutes; tapeworm stages, flukes, roundworms in five; and mites in seven. A battery-operated, positive offset with a very low voltage from 5 to 10 volts is sufficient. It kills parasites and bacteria wherever the current reaches them. But it does not reach the eyes, the appendix, the testes, the inner ear bones. The current travels along the stomach or intestinal wall, not through its content.  It does not reach into the gallstones or into the living cells. The current does not pass uniformly through the body. With regular zapping, the current passes mainly through our liquids, i. e  our lymphatic and vascular system, a small fraction reaches every organ and tissue of our body. Blood and lymph are the most important locations to zap. 

Buying a zapper

Parasites can be killed with a very low voltage. But only if the voltage is 100% POSITIVE OFFSET and if the voltage is varied up and down repeatedly. If the varying voltage becomes NEGATIVE, even momentarily, it supports and maintains their lives.  The above picture of the zapper output on an oscilloscope illustrates the varied square wave voltage which stops at 0.25 Volt and therefore does not go below the 0 volt.

What are the benefits by applying a positive offset?

If the voltage is applied in pulses, to produce a “square” wave, it will affect many parasites at once so that the rate of pulsing, called frequency is not critical.  Even though these tiny animals undoubtedly have a “mortal frequency” ( a frequency that kills), this rate does not need to be known or used when a  square wave of electricity, totally positive, is used.

Why did Dr. Clark pick a frequency of about 30 KHz (30,000 cycles per second) for the zapper?

When a high frequency ac voltage was applied to a human, using hand electrodes, and the current flow measured, it could be seen that the higher the frequency, the greater the current.

At about 30,000 cycles per second the current begins to decline, showing the resistance is increasing.

The application of a 30 KHz frequency at a voltage of about 5 volts, can be felt by all parts of the body.  A probe from a frequency counter picks up this frequency at any location. But some locations have a much weaker signal than others. The current  is evidently not uniform through the body. 

Persons with an inflammation in the body can often “feel” the zapper at that location, suggesting it is a path of low resistance, too, for the 30 KHz zapper current. Inflamed areas are negatively charged regions. Negative charges would be pulled toward the positive electrode of the zapper in 30,000 little jerks per second.

Therefore a frequency of about 30 KHz (30,000 cycles per second) was chosen for the zapper, since it maximizes the current with regular zapping.  But other frequencies may prove to have special value as research progresses.

To buy a zapper go here: Varizapper

Side effects

 There are no side effects, since the zapper is energized by a 9-volt battery. This is too small a voltage to harm you. In her book: “The Prevention of all Cancers”, Dr. Clark states that she has seen no effects on blood pressare, mental alertness, or body temperature. It has never produced pain, although it has often stopped pain instantly.

Only if you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker, you should not zap, for these situations have not been explored yet. Children as young as eight months have been zapped with no noticeable il effects. For them, you should weigh the possible benefits against the unknown risks.

Benefits of zapping

The removal of parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungus
A positive electrical  force that pulses up and down also energizes the white blood cells to go on an all-out attack on the enemies: parasites, toxins, bacteria, everything in spite of their five immunity blockers:  benzene, PCBs, metals, dyes and asbestos. For a time the WBCs turn into Super-WBCs. That is why Dr. Clark recommends eight hours of zapping daily for the sick until they are well. 
Obstacles of zapping

When an organ is saturated with a liquid insulator, such as PCBs, benzene, motor oil and wheel bearing grease, they do not let the current pass through the skin or into an organ easily. Cancer victims are particularly full of insulators.

How to overcome this obstacle:

Plate-zapping can overcome this insulation obstacle. 

Different zapping methods

  • Regular zapping with “standard” program
  • Regular zapping is frequency-INDEPENDENT

A first seven-minute zapping is followed by an intermission, lasting 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, bacteria and viruses are released from the dying parasites and start to invade you instead.  Each parasite has its own bacterial and viral escapees. The second seven-minute session is intended to kill these newly released viruses and bacteria. Again, viruses are released, this time from the dying bacteria. The third session kills the last viruses released. A fourth and fifth session may be very beneficial too, to eliminate  “prion protein” streaming from killed Salmonella bacteria.

Regular zapping with “duration” program

An hour of continuous zapping. Since the more the very sick persons zapped, the better they became, it may be possible to zap continually till well; that is, non-stop all day for a week or more.

Frequency zapping

Every living thing has its own frequency. Frequency zapping is frequency-DEPENDENT. Based on homeopathic principles, the pathogen’s frequency is used. In this way, this way of zapping aims for a specific frequency or frequencies.

Frequency zapping kills a range of parasites clustered around the frequency chosen and at more locations. 

Differences and benefits of the various zapping methods

Regular zapping:

Frequency-INDEPENDENT. Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), a duration of seven minutes and a frequency from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz).
Passes mainly through the liquids of our body, the lymphatic and blood system
Some organs are unreachable

Frequency zapping:

Targeted way of zapper
It can enter internal organs more readily

Plate zapping:

It is a targeted way of zapping and reaches specific organs electrically, with a significant effect.  A new kind of zapping that can overcome the obstacle of grease insulation. Plate-zapping is a specific way to zap preferably one organ at a time.

For example, with the sample of liver placed in the pathway between you and your zapper, the current has an instant effect on the white blood cells of your liver. Instantly they are energized and begin to eat the PCBs, the benzene, the heavy metals, the dyes, and the malonic acid in your liver. They even eat wheel bearing grease!

Like a fairy godmother that has waved her wand, all toxins are quickly taken out of the liver tissue and imprisoned in the liver white blood cells. If they have been fed themselves they can unload all this into the urine. Then they continue to eat toxins without zapper help. Gradually, conductivity returns.

Throughout the day, the organ with a tumor should be plate-zapped in various ways: combined with arteries, combined with veins, combined with white blood cells, each for 20 minutes. These zaps are followed with zaps to clear blood, lymph and the white blood cells themselves. And the kidneys are zapped to keep them from clogging repeatedly with the heavy metals and greases they are handling. Twenty-minute zaps can be kept up for eight hours or more.

Fifteen capsules (about 5 or 6 grams) of mixed enzyme powders can digest the dead matter coming from four hours of zapping. Eight hours require two such doses. More is better.

In advanced cancer nothing less than eight hours of zapping daily can catch up and exceed the rate of spread of disease. Zap eight hours daily until you are well. There are reports from victims who zapped without stopping for a whole month; symptoms cam and went while they cleaned up their environment and suddenly the disease was gone.

For programs for plate-zapping go here: 

Plate-zapping for cancer patients: Plate-zapping cancer
Plate-zapping for  HIV patients: Plate-zapping HIV

How often should the zapper be used?

The healthy:

Zapping once a day is now a common routine for many persons.

The ill:

For the ill, zapping all day, continuously, for a month or more has often brought significant improvement.

(From the “Prevention of all Cancers” pages 475 to 478, 83, The Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual, page 139, 140, 81; Copyright notice)

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