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Tooth Zappicator

A tooth zappicator is a small loudspeaker fastened to the end of a toothbrush. The speaker is attached to your food zappicator circuit, which produces a frequency of 1 kHz. The tooth zappicator is then placed over the hidden cavitation site for three minutes. All nearby areas are also treated for three minutes each. A surge of immune power is induced, which removes lanthanides, other metals, solvents, plastic remnants and bacteria all at once. The Syncrometer~ sees these all in your white blood cells now. You should have taken germanium, selenite and vitamin C beforehand or you could give yourself detox symptoms.

Even when you are not able to search for them first, most hidden cavitations can be systematically cleared by zappicating along the whole ridge where teeth once were. Do it yourself to be sure it is thorough.

Repeat on inner and outer surfaces of the gums. making three treatments altogether. Don't miss the remaining teeth themselves.

The tooth zappicator can also be used to harden plastic. Press it against plastic teeth or teeth with plastic fillings to get this hardening action. For this purpose, treat for five minutes on top of each tooth location, then take a break for at least one-half hour. Drink water to help kidneys excrete. Repeat a second time on the inner surfaces of each tooth location. Take another break, and repeat a third (and last) time at the outer surfaces of the gums. The effect is permanent.

After these three five-minute zappicating treatments the plastic tooth no longer seeps dyes, and the stray amalgam that has saturated the tooth will be chemically changed so it can be more easily removed by the immune system. Build your own tooth zappicator, see picture.

Using your Tooth Zappicator

1. Insert a 9 volt battery into the 1 kHz zapper carefully, io be sure polarity is correct.
2. Connect the Positive output of the zapper to the Positive terminal of the loudspeaker. Do not use any Negative connections. They should not have hanging wires either.
3. Tape the zapper to the tabletop to guard against slippage while in use. A loudspeaker that falls io the floor could change its polarity.
4. Protect the tooth zappicator by placing it in a plastic zippered bag, with the loudspeaker in a bottom corner. Wrap the bag around it, handle and all, snugly. Tape in place. Be sure io keep saliva out of the plastic bag and off the bare tooth zappicator.
5. Wipe with ordinary ethanol or any alcoholic beverage or Lugol's water before first use. Do not get liquid inside. 6. Turn the zapper on. Place loudspeaker firmly on jawbone ridge for three (or five) minutes.
7. Start at the extreme end of one jawbone and work toward the other, skipping nothing. When you come to a tooth, place loudspeaker squarely on top of it. DO NOT TREAT METAL FILLINGS. Move to the neighboring location and repeat. When jawbones are both done on three surfaces, continue on all soft areas of mouth.

Divide the whole mouth, roof, sides, and back into imaginary little squares. Treat each square for 5 minutes. Leave no surface unzappicated. Don't miss the inside of the cheeks and the tonsils as far as you can reach. Drink water several times to help with excretion. Be sure to take a dose of hydrangea, selenite and vitamin C first. Be prepared for some detox-symptoms.
You are returning immune power to your mouth. Your white blood cells will deliver all these toxins to your kidneys and bladder. But your kidneys must be helped to excrete them; otherwise they quickly become south polarized and clogged. You will be instructed in the 3- Week Program how to use magnets and to plate-zap the kidneys while taking kidney drops to protect them. Otherwise, use the Kidney Cleanse (see page 561).

(From: The Prevention of All Cancers, pp. 344; Copyright notice)

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