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Welcome to Dr. Hulda Clark's HIV/AIDS page

Dear Visitor ,

You came here to find out more about Dr. Hulda Clark's approach to HIV and AIDS. Dr. Clark is the Researcher who claims: "AIDS can now be cured!"

The first things you are probably interested to know is:

Who was Dr. Hulda Clark?

Dr. Hulda Clark wais a researcher in the field of Alternative Medicine. You can find her CV here:
About Dr. Clark

She has published six books, one of them on HIV/AIDS, which you can find here: Dr. Clark's books.

You can find more information on all aspects of Dr. Hulda Clark here:

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What are Dr. Hulda Clark's findings about HIV and AIDS?

Excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for HIV and AIDS" are found here:

To understand her protocol, you will also find a lot of information and excerpts from her books here in this website, including a list of professionals who are working with her protocol.
Dr. Clark's work is based on an audio oscillator circuit testing (the Syncrometer(TM)), with which she determines the ACTUAL CAUSES of HIV/AIDS and other health conditions. Knowing the cause will open the door to prevention and treatment. For this purpose Dr. Hulda Clark uses a large number of approaches in natural medicine, but ALL TARGETED AT THE EXACT CAUSE of the conditions. Note that audio oscillator circuit testing and the cases Dr. Clark discusses in her books are not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

If you are an AIDS dissident, you already know HIV is not the answer to AIDS. The view that the HIV virus "causes" AIDS is simplistic. If that was so then the patients taking the highly effective drugs against HIV should all be cured of AIDS. Would it not be logic that eliminating the cause would be a cure? But they are not cured. For more information on AIDS dissidents, refer to However, Dr. Clark even though explaining HIV is not the cause of AIDS, does explain why there is a correlation between AIDS and HIV and how it comes about.
Dr. Clark shows that it is mainly toxins depressing production of white blood cells in the bone marrow and thymus gland, or directly killing white blood cells, that are responsible for AIDS. With her approach, so she claims, she has been curing even most advanced AIDS patients. For details about Dr. Clark's findings, consult her book "The Cure for HIV/AIDS". This updated book now has a number of new case studies. Note that those case studies are not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

How have those findings been corroborated?

The best proof for Dr. Hulda Clark's theories is the fact that she reports recoveries of even most advanced AIDS patients at her clinic: In 2000 she accepted a number of advanced AIDS patients in the course of a study which proved highly successful. Also, Dr. Clark has achieved a number of close to 20 CONSECUTIVE HIV cases that became HIV negative as confirmed by the lab with the state of the art PCR test -- with the exception of a couple of cases whose count was significantly lower but not negative. Some of these cases are described in the book "The Cure for HIV and AIDS". Note that Dr. Clark's case studies are not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

Furthermore, Dr. Michael Biamonte, naturopath in Manhattan (139 Fulton St. #507 New York, NY. 10038, +1-212-587 2330) has published a study in 1998 using Dr. Clark's protocol with a number of patients. Although he did not fully follow the protocol, but additionally used colloidal silver and diet changes, 30 people became HIV negative as per PCR testing within 8-12 months. Note that this study is not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

Another small test has been done with three HIV positive individuals in Africa. After one months on only Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper and colloidal silver, the viral titer had dropped by half on average, it was significantly lower for all three individuals. Note that these cases are not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

Finally, you may be interested in reading a well written paper, a comparison between AIDS and other diseases caused mainly by benzene toxicity (as claims Dr. Hulda Clark), put together by Dr. Stephen C. Byrnes here:

A final word

Having said all this, and considering that Dr. Clark's approach is low cost and safe,  it warrants the use of this wonderful approach. But do not mistake Dr. Hulda Clark's claim that she has found the cause and cure of AIDS to mean that it is as simple as taking a pill. Dr. Clark's approach includes many steps, from a dental clean-up to diet changes to healthy living to herbs, electric stimulation and others. For advanced patients, it is a lot of work, and the success will depend on how carefully the program can be followed.
 However, do not consider any of this to be medical advice. It is information that  anyone should have access to, but you will have to make your own evaluation of these facts.

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HIV & Aids
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