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Immune Power

Immune power was a mysterious concept at first. Researchers could see that animals would not let a transplanted tumor grow in them unless the immune system was first knocked down (by radiation, for example, the very "treatment" being used today). People who had to have their immune power reduced to accept an organ transplant got many more cancers than others. Special animals were raised who were missing immune power in order to do cancer research. Special chemicals were developed to destroy immune power at will.

The loss of personal immune power is not visible. You may be a strong, healthy person in the prime of life and yet be losing your immune power. Clinical doctors, researchers and victims of cancer themselves were all aware of this. But the scientific tools available to investigate this were only biochemistry and immunology. These methods are much too slow and much too costly to do such research in a timely way. It would take hundreds of years, if ever, to find the difference between persons who get cancer and those who do not using these techniques.

Eventually all epidemiology seemed hopeless because everything, even good, nourishing food, seemed to have carcinogens and cause mutations. At the same time chemicals from industry were being dumped into our food and homes in truckload amounts, making "good nourishing food" a false concept, and obscuring epidemiological differences. Just as hopes hit bottom, a ray of light shone in.

It was quite by accident that a new technology was born. It held the promise of doing all this difficult and expensive research in a fraction of the time needed before, and for a fraction of the cost.

The device using this technology is called a Syncrometer (see page viii).

The Syncrometerฎ is momentarily attached to the body with pressure (a probe). It could verify the close association between getting cancer and losing immunity. It could find precisely what the immune system's defects were. It could find the causes of these defects. And finally, it could find what the epidemiological factors are that bring these causes to some people and not to others.

It all pointed to the water.

What did the Syncrometer detect?

The water coming to your kitchen faucet decides whether you will get cancer or not.
The water has the power to destroy your immune system as quietly as a stealth aircraft and just as surely. It also has the power to allow recovery and to do it quickly.

(From: The Prevention fo all Cancers", page 7-8; Copyright notice)

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