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Welcome to the Dr. Clark's Cancer Page

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You came here to find out more about Dr. Hulda Clark's approach to Cancer. Dr. Hulda Clark was the researcher who claimed: "Cancer can now be cured!"
The first things you are probably interested to know is:

Who was Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark was a researcher in the field of Alternative Medicine. You can find her CV here:
About Dr. Clark

She has published seven books, five of them about cancer, which you can find here:
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You can find more information on all aspects of Dr. Hulda Clark here:
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What are Dr. Hulda Clark's findings about cancer?

To understand her protocol, you will also find a lot of information and excerpts from her books here on this website, including a list of professionals who are working with her protocol.
Dr. Clark's work is based on an audio oscillator circuit (the Syncrometer(TM)), with which she determines the ACTUAL CAUSES of cancer and other health conditions. Knowing the cause will open the door to prevention and treatment. For this purpose Dr. Hulda Clark used a large number of approaches in natural medicine, but ALL TARGETED AT THE EXACT CAUSE of the conditions. Note that audio oscillator testing and the cases Dr. Clark discussed in her books are not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

Maybe you are a person who is mainly interested in alternative approaches to cancer, and you may already have read a lot about the true facts about chemotherapy and other orthodox treatments. If this is new to you, there are three highly recommended books: "Definitive Guide to Cancer" by Burton Goldberg, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc., ISBN 1-887299-01-7; "Questioning Chemotherapy" by Dr. Ralph Moss, Equinox Press, ISBN 1-881025-25-X; "Racketeering in Medicine -- The Suppression of Alternatives", by James P. Carter, MD., Ph.D., Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., ISBN 1-878901-32-X.

In her first book about cancer "The Cure for All Cancers", Dr. Hulda Clark examined the EXACT CAUSES of malignancy, i.e. cancer. In an update 1998 she added the make-up of a tumor, which comes before a malignant tumor mass.
If you have a beginning cancer, with just a small tumor, less than the size of a marble, you may be able to clear it up with the simple program given in this first book, The Cure for all Cancers. Many patients reported that they did. But in that program only the malignancy part of the tumor was stopped. Then a major clean up program for your lifestyle: teeth, diet, home and body products were all cleared thoroughly from those things that burden your immune system. After this your own immune power returned to remove the tumor without clinical help. You were advised to stay on a Maintenance Program of killing parasites regularly and keeping a clean environment.
Nevertheless, you should remember that you WERE TARGETED. You were targeted by a specific parasite, specific bacteria and a specific virus. Your immune system rescued you even while you neglected many important things, That is the magic (not yet understood) power of the immune system. But once targeted, you can never be "untargeted". Therefore, if you choose the beginners' program from the Cure for all Cancers, be sure to add the prevention program described in: The Prevention of all Cancers book. Never before has there been a way to prevent cancer with certainty.

In her second cancer book, "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers", Dr. Clark mapped out a lot more steps from a healthy individual to a person with cancer. It includes a lot more information about tumors, low immunity and how to shrink tumors. The "21 Day Program" is laid out in this book.
If you have a cancer recurrence, or a tumor has started in a second organ, you should consider yourself advanced You have no time to lose. You are entered in a race, not of your choosing. The race is between your cancer and your immune system.

Her third book about cancer is called the "Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual". It contains the procedures for shrinking tumors in the "Mostly Zapping Program".

Her fourth book about cancer and prevention is entitled: "The Prevention of all Cancers". To stamp out an advanced cancer completely, you need to add either the 21-Day Program from The Cure For All Advanced Cancers or choose the 3-Week Program from The Prevention of all Cancers. The difference between these two is that the earlier 21-Day Program uses mainly supplements plus regular zapping, while the 3-week program reduces supplements to a minimum. They are replaced with "plate-zapping" and "drop-taking" (called homeography). If you are very hardy and determined, you can do both programs together!
Speed is important. You can jump into action but you must do each program completely. If parts of any program are left out you are taking the risk of failing!
(From: "The Prevention of all Cancers"; Copyright notice)

Dr. Clark continued her research in the field of cancer. Her great sense of helping mankind conquer this debilitating disease, compelled her to write another book on cancer. It is an update of "The Prevention of all Cancers" book  and contains all her latest research on cancer. In this new book, she reveals that cancer is not a one-cause disease, but rather is formed by a "cancer complex" that includes various partners that act together. Find out about this and more in her newest book entitled "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers,  Copyright notice)

Dr. Clark found cancer is -- not surprisingly -- a complex mechanism, involving factors from environmental toxins to toxins produced in the human body by certain pathogens to parasites, fungi and bacteria. But unlike other research she does not enumerate dozens of "possible contributors", but names the exact factors that can be found in EVERY case of cancer, in EVERY tumor.


How have those findings been corroborated?

Dr. Hulda Clark  treated over 2,000 cancer patients in the last 15 years. Her audio oscillator circuit techniques have evolved from a rather crude to an exact technique during this time. Dr. Clark would take mainly terminal cases only -- she felt the others can do it out of her books. Note that audio oscillator testing is not considered scientific by US Government agencies.

You may ask why no university has confirmed her work yet. The reason is simple, it has not been tested. It is the goal of the Dr. Clark Research Association to do this kind of clinical work. They have already undertaken some research about Dr. Clark's zapper.
But consider this: The chance of a "spontaneous remission" of terminal cancer is 1:60,000. That means that out of 60,000 cases one will live. You can imagine that it does not take many cases to make this statistically relevant. It would be like watching a person walk over water and ask for a research study about it to prove it was statistically relevant.

And testimonials we do have galore. You can find them here: Testimonials,
and this is only a small fraction of the many we have in our files! Note that testimonials are not considered scientific by US Government agencies and mind the disclaimer when you enter the testimonials page.

A Final Word

Having said all this, and considering that Dr. Clark's approach is low cost and safe, it warrants the use of this wonderful approach. But do not mistake Dr. Hulda Clark's claim that she has found the cause and cure of cancer to mean that it is as simple as taking a pill. Dr. Clark's approach includes many steps, from a dental clean-up to diet changes to healthy living to herbs, electric stimulation and others. For advanced patients, it is a lot of work, and the success will depend on how carefully the program can be followed.

However, do not consider any of this to be medical advice. It is information that anyone should have access to, but you will have to make your own evaluation of these facts. Please read our disclaimer here: Disclaimer



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