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Tributes and testimonials to Dr. Clark

T 7001-10-09     General + Cancer                                           
T 7002-10-09     General + Life touched by her great work
T 7003-10-09     General + She's truly full of miracles                   
T 7004-10-09     General + An
amazing woman 
T 7005-10-09     General + I will continue to spread the word 
T 7006-10-09     General + Endometriosis cured in daughter 
T 7007-10-09     General + Help with herbs                        
T 7008-10-09     Herbalist-Kenya
T 7009-10-09     General + Gave the book to many others    
T 7010-10-09     Helped father with cancer recovery
T 7011-10-09     Grateful for books and zapper    
T 7012-10-09     Grateful + Cured Rosacea - thyroid  much better   
T 7013-10-09     Cured his Cancer after 2 weeks  with Dr. Clark's protocols - 8 years ago                          
T 7014-10-09     Will continue her work in Finland   
T 7015-10-09     It's nice to see all the Positive acknowledgements      
T 7016-10-09     I Learnt a lot  from her books
T 7017-10-09     Tribute + Live blood microscopy            
T 7018-10-09     It makes me feel part of her movement and teachings
T 7019-10-09     I knew Ann Wigmore+ useful suggestions on how to continue the work of Dr. Clark             
T 7020-10-09     Tribute + Needs contact ref Malignant Melanoma
T 7021-10-09     Tribute + Her information about Dental toxins was a big part for me regaining my health    
T 7022-10-09     Tribute + Worked with Dr. Clark  
T 7023-10-09     Tribute + Malignant Melanoma                  
T 7024-10-09     Tribute from Santiago + Has left mark on my life
T 7025-10-09     Tribute from Italy + I strongly support the holistic approach in all contects and sectors of life                                    
T 7026-10-09     I would not be alive today if it wasn't for her wonderful books   
T 7027-10-09     Tribute + how well the Zapper works                               
T 7028-10-09     Tribute + We treasured her books
T 7029-10-09     Tribute + I met Dr. Clark  in Chicago 2004                            
T 7030-10-09     Tribute + My brother is alive today because of Dr. Clark
T 7031-10-09     Tribute from Mexico - Thanks Dr. Clark for what you did for humanity
T 7032-10-09    Tribute + Helped  with cures of disease more than anyone else on this Planet
T 7033-10-09     Tribute + I knew Hulda                                 
T 7034-10-09     Tribute from Pakistan + Her services will be remembered for centuries to come
T 7035-10-09     Tribute + Hearing of the passing of my hero Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark
T 7036-10-09     Tribute + Thank you for coming into my life so freely and setting me free from all medicines
T 7037-10-09     Tribute from Sweden + Rest in peace and thank you for a great job                                  
T 7038-10-09     Tribute + The cleanses gave my mother another 10 years (after aortic aneurism, emphysema, strokes...)
T 7039-10-09     Tribute +  I would have died 7 years ago if I had not been familiar with the Cure for all Cancers
T 7040-10-09     Tribute + I agree she should have received the Nobel Prize
T 7041-10-09    Tribute from Canada - Dr. said it was kidney cancer
T 7042-10-09    Tribute from S.A. + She was a remarkable woman and an inspiration to those around her.
T 7043-10-09    Tribute from Australia + We have gained many personal benefits from her discoveries             
T 7044-10-09    Tribute + I had leukaemia. I am now a certified Herbalist  

T 7045-10-09    Tribute + I was so sick and frustrated by the medical community
T 7046-12-09    Helped many people to sustain & extend life
T 7047-12-09    I have not stopped telling people about her
T 7048-12-09    I encourage your efforts
T 7049-12-09    Cannot begin to express my gratitude
T 7050-12-09    Used Dr. Clark's protocols successfully in 1995
T 7051-12-09    For me she was the greatest
T 7052-12-09    She will be missed but NEVER forgotten!
T 7053-12-09    Contribution to medicine, will live for many centuries to come
T 7054-12-09    I wish there were more people like her out there
T 7055-12-09    I feel her spirit surrounds us who treasure it
T 7056-12-09    She was the lady and a half in heart, soul and kind
T 7057-12-09    She has left a legacy for outstanding prevention and healing programs
T 7058-12-09    I have forwarded your message to more than 100 people
T 7059-12-09    We have valued and benefited by her research
T 7060-12-09    Has left her mark on my life
T 7061-12-09    Achieved what few have achieved
T-7062-12-09    Have read her books which helped a lot
T-7063-12-09    She was a true humanitarian
T-7064-12-09    Met Dr. Clark at Int'l Conference about cancer in Madrid
T-7065-12-09    How huge a gift she left the human race
T-7066-12-09    Please continue with her tremendous philosophy and research
T-7067-12-09    Fortunate to work closely with her
T-7068-12-09    Her passion and commmitment is inspirational
T-7069-12-09    Tribute
T-7070-12-09    He is alive today because of her
T-7071-12-09    Her work of saving humans from the Drug Lords
T-7072-12-09    You have made a difference and we will remember
T-7073-12-09    Her work will endure
T-7074-12-09    And will take her work forward
T-7075-12-09    Such an awe inspring visionary
T 7076-12.09    Tribute + Hodgkin's disease 
T 7077-12-09    Grateful for her protocols
T 7078-12-09    Grateful for her wisdom and information
T-7079-12-09    I will continue introducing her in Azebaijan
T-7080-12-09    I would be dead if it were not for the knowledge she provided free on-line
T-7101-08-10A    General











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