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Dear Dr Clark

I am a recent inductee to your programs of health through electronic and herbal methods. 
I was formerly a sceptic of the scientific  variety, but through a series of experiences with homeopathic effects and Hanna Kroeger's vibropahic remedies with an electronic diagnosis,
I came to search for someone who was doing the same by direct  electronic therapy, and so found your web site.  I built your NE555 Zapper from
the Cure for All Diseases, applied it, and was delighted  to find that it eliminated several chronic infections almost overnight. 
At the moment, my wife and I are undergoing your kidney cleanse, and will thereafter do the intestinal parasite cleanse and subsequently the liver cleanse. 

My wife has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but we believe the Zapper treatment and a radical neurosis reduction program have that largely under control...and we hope that the herbal cleanses and prophylaxis in line with your recommendations will complete the cure. 
So far, I have recognized that the kidney cleanse has pinpointed the cause of my chronic back aches, and is clearing.  My wife has upper back and neck
pain, and we are looking forward to the liver cleanse.

So much for us.  What I am really writing about is HIV-AIDS in Africa. 
There are other places where HIV-AIDS is a very serious problem, but I believe that the African situation is catastrophic.  I also understand that your protocols should be able to relieve a great many of those suffering, and indeed effect real cures, if the toxicology can be elucidated and rectified.
In rural Africa, I suppose that benzene may have arrived by means of agricultural chemicals and pesticides.  Or perhaps it is an analog of some
sort.  Certainly pesticides contain a great many chlorinated ring compounds which must contain traces or more of phenol and benzene. 

I won't go farther with this exploration for the moment.  Perhaps it is beside the point anyway.  Most of those suffering are remote from the supply chain for such things and have little choice in their environment.

The question is, what can be done? 
I think perhaps that the first  step, namely to allow people to zap themselves, is perhaps the most important from the point of view of changing the psychology of those attempting aid. 
If the disease can be arrested, then the matter of a cure can be brought up in a favourable light.

Dr. Clark, I ask you to consider a protocol for the continent by stages, so that the local politics can be changed over time, and that time can be bought for those at risk. 
One of our eminent Canadians, Stephen Lewis, is now the UN envoy for AIDS in Africa. 
He is desperate for a therapy which can be brought to the problem, because
of the imminent collapse of African societies in the areas most severely affected.  He is most concerned about the burden which is falling mainly on old women for the care of children whose parents have simply disappeared.  Many of these children are also HIV positive, and will soon fall prey to the full AIDS syndrome.  I am asking for your help to define a protocol which could be sold to such as he, with a little influence at the top, and a little money to
project a solution into the early stages of testing.

It seems to me that a very simple zapper could be made at very low cost if sufficient numbers were required.  I am not thinking of your
commercial products, but something more like the zapper in your book,
but with a few more components to make it more automatic. 
Perhaps a solar cell power supply would be required.  Without too much
difficulty, Such a device could be made on a single chip or two, and mass produced to bring the cost down within reach.  The most expensive part would probably be the hand holds, or wrist straps.

Would you be willing to let such a device be made?

I hope that you will consider the plight of these millions of people, and lend your expertise to the problem.  I am a nobody:  I cannot guarantee that I can bring it about, but I can work to put it before the people who can. 

To do that I need you guidance and permission.

Kindest regards,



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