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Pathogen's Requirements

items in italics need confirmation

 Adenovirus    16                                       copper (trigger is linoleic oil, quercitin)
 Adenovirus 36 (obesity)  copper, chromium 
 Adenovirus, respiratory  copper, chromium, cobalt
 Aspergillus (fungus)  cobalt, chromium, nickel
 Avian Flu  gold, vanadium
 Bacillus cereus  copper, cobalt, aluminium
 Borrelia (Lyme's)  copper, radon
 Chaetomium (fungus)  strontium, gold
 Clostridium  nickel, cobalt
 Cytomegalovirus (CMV)  strontium
 Dirofilaria  chromium
 E. coli  vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, nickel, copper
 Epstein Barre Virus (EBV)  aluminium, gold, chromium, vanadium, house dust
 Flu (Influenza A & B)  vanadium, see also Avian Flu
 Herpes I & II  lead

 gold (attached to core)
strontium (attached to reverse transcriptase)

 JUN  strontium (trigger is palmitic oil)
 Measles  (trigger is linolenic, source is Ascaris)
 Mumps  manganese, copper, zinc; source is Ascaris
 Mycobacterium avium/cellulare  strontium, vanadium
 Mycobacterium phlei (causes schizophrenia and multiple schlerosis)  chromium, vanadium, gold, house dust; source is dog saliva
 Mycobacterium tuberculosis  strontium
 Mycoplasma  strontium
 Norcardia Parkinson's  titanium, tantalum
 Papilloma (common warts virus)  (trigger is ASA); source is Echinoporyphium recurvatum
 Penicillium (fungus)  copper
 Plasmodium falciparum (malaria)  copper, ruthenium, selenium
 Pneumocystis (coccidia)  strontium
 Potato Ring Rot  gold, source is Macracanthorhyncus
 Prions  gold, ruthenium, source is free hypothalamus cells
 Pseudomonas aeruginosa  strontium, gold
 Salmonella enteriditis  gold, ruthenium molybdenum, rubidium
 Salmonella typhimurium  gold, ruthenium molybdenum, rubidium
 Salmonella paratyphi  gold, ruthenium, molybdenum, rubidium
 Shigella (both types)  Strontium, gold, nickel
 Staphylococcus aureus  chromium, gold, nickel
 Streptococcus G  chromium, vanadium, nickel
 Streptococcus pneumoniae

 chromium, strontium, copper, gold, nickel

 Streptococcus pyogenes  cobalt
 SV40  chromium, strontium, gold
 Warts  see Papilloma
 Yeast (bread and alcohol variety)  chromium, nickel, cobalt, gold

(From "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers", page 328-329; Copyright notice)

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