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Syncrometer testing 


Dear Visitor,

The syncrometer is an audio oscillator which not only detects for the presence of parasites, bacteria, fungus, toxins, etc., but also can scan for anything in a specific organ. With the syncrometer device you can test body-care products, medicine, food , water, etc. to see what they contain. To do this you need samples of the substance you want to test for. For more information on the Syncrometer, go here: Syncrometer. For more information on the test samples, go here: bottlecopies.

This section contains two selected  syncrometer testers. You can find more information about them here: syncrometer-testers.

The other subtitles:

  • Test flow sheet
  • Search what and where
  • Clearing body
  • Changes to make

have all been taken from Dr. Clark's most recent book: "The Prevention of all Cancers" and contain valuable information for interested people and syncrometer-testers alike. This research that Dr. Clark willingly shares with us will no doubt help us in  eliminating harmful sources of illness in our bodies and environment. 

Kindly yours,

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Syncrometer testing
by successteam

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