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The Professional List

The following list consists of professionals using the Dr. Hulda Clark therapy. Being on this list does not mean that they use exclusively the Clark therapy. Also it does not mean that they are necessarily testing with the Syncrometer or using any specific part of the Clark therapy. The description is the one we received from each professional. Some professionals are MDs that are allowed to diagnose and treat, others are nutritionists or naturopaths that render their relevant services. Disclaimer: There is no quality control from our side. The individuals on this list act on their own behalf and we do not take any responsibility for their actions.

If you would like to be included in the list, please email me. Likewise, if you have had any good or bad experiences with the professionals on this list.

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North America
Dentists -- North America
Dentists -- Europe
Australia and New Zealand
South America

North America:

Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada
Natural Biological Medicine
P.O. Box 828, Sag Harbor, N.Y. 11963
305 926 9679, Skype: amberwaveshealth
Design and implementation of a personal health program, which constitutes the fundamental base to regenerate from illnesses - disease, prevent their occurrence and develop optimal levels of health and fitness. The program begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment to ascertain the causes and origins of all health problems and illnesses. The regeneration of the human being is addressed through an integrative methodology of natural health methods: food as medicine, plant medicine interventions (protocols) as an extension of medicinal food preparation, the cultivation of the human energy field (Zen Yoga, Tai Chi - Qi Gong) and the application of the Psychology of creativity and human potential. The approach is an East-West / North-South integration of knowledge with emphasis in simplicity and efficacy. For every illness there is an equation of multiple factors operating at different levels of functioning: biological, psychological and spiritual. The personal health program  incorporates interventions covering all these levels of functioning. Among other interventions of Natural Biological Medicine, Dr. Clark protocols and procedures are integrated in this comprehensive multi-level personal health program. Dr. Clarjen-Arconada has accumulated over thirty years of experience and has integrated Dr. Clark protocols and procedures since she published her first book in 1995.


Adrian Parr, CNT
1510 Brookside Terrace
Tacoma, WA. 98465
P +1-253-564-9223

If you want to educate and empower yourself to heal your family or love ones we have what you need. We apply the Clark protocol, and also provide the following services: massage therapist, acupuncture, infrared sauna, colonic therapist, iridologist, microscopist and can refer clients to Biological Dentists for protocols regarding mercury removal. We do not treat or diagnose disease. Our programs are designed to help improve anyone's health regardless of the health issue.


Miles J. Roberts, L.Ac.
3504 Walnut Ave.
Carmichael CA. 95608
P +1-916-483-0743

I am a clinician in Carmichael California. L.Ac. stands for Licensed Acupuncturist. I graduated from Oriental Medical School in Japan in 1977 and worked in a Japanese hospital for two years before returning to California where I now run a very active clinic. We have been quite active in promoting Dr. Clark's work. I am extremely enthusiastic with the results.


Dr. Gerald Wootan
Jenks Health Team
715 West Main Street
Jenks, OK. 74037
P +1-918-299-9447
F +1-918-299-5325

"I Am a D.O. in Family Practice and spend most of my time with alternative therapies. I have been using many of your therapies.

I am board certified in family practice and have a certificate of qualification in geriatrics. I provide chelation, oxidative therapy, ultraviolet blood irridation ozone therapy, heavy metal evaluation, glutathione therapy, full cardiovascular evaluation, parasite and yeast evaluation, and use the zapper, cleanses, and cancer treatment modalities."


Frank O Kampschroeder D.C.
802 W. Maine
Enid, OK 73702
P +1-580-233-3738
F +1-580-233-0769

Our practice is built on a foundation of natural internal and external healing philosophy. This foundation utilizes the cornerstones of physical, mental and spiritual healing. We strive to make each patient's body function at its ultimate potential by removing interference which allows the body to take over and heal naturally. We incorporate chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic and functional medicine to obtain maximum results.

I have a Bio Wave Generator and I use that on my patients with the Liver flush, and parasite cleanse protocol. This has given us good results.


Katie Lawler, LAc.
Acupuncture Health Clinic
18701 Tiffeni Dr, Suite 1D
Twain Harte, CA  95383-9657
(209) 586-2700

I am a California licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist & herbologist.  We have been using Dr. Clark's herbal protocols in our clinic for three years.  My specialties include body pain (back, neck, knee, hip, migraines, women's health (including menopause, PMS), stomach problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, and diabetes.


Dr. Suzanne M. Skinner, Ph.D.
21027 Marbella Avenue
Carson, CA. 90745
P +1-310-320-1381

Colon Hydrotherapist, Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, Certified CRA, Electroacousticalcardiographologist, Lymphologist, Herbalist, Homeopath, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Health Doc.


Rose Ellen Biggers
1502 Tuscaloosa Ave.
Holly Hill, Fl. 32117
P +1-904-255-4687

"I am a retired Registered Nurse and studied many different  alternative natural healing methods. About 5 years ago I became acquainted with Dr. Clark's book: "The Cure For All Diseases".A friend made me a zapper. I began using it and sharing this information with every one that would listen. Almost 3 years ago I took classes to become a microscopist. As I became more knowledgeable and inquisitive on what I could find to help people improve their health, I was again reminded about the values of using the zapper. I started to experiment with it and found that  in one zapper session, after a 12 hr period, 80-85%of the bacteria would be eliminated. I repeated this zapper test with many different people around me. I have a practice in my home where I counsel people helping them with their digestive and other health problems. My practice is known as SOUND HEALTH ALTERNATIVES. I also use a persons voice to find where the imbalances are in their bodies."


Lucinda Robinson
815 A Wynnshire Drive
Hickory, NC 28601
P 828-385-0609
P 828-308-7499 cell phone for Verizon customers only.

"I have been an herbalist since 1973. I combine therapies of Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Virginia Livingston Wheeler, Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Max Warmbrand, Dr. Balch, Jethro Kloss, Adelle Davis, and many others to help people overcome cancer, AIDS, and other chronic and critical degenerative and parasitic caused conditions.

I have found that eliminating the parasites and unnatural chemicals and then making sure the client has a supersaturated diet in essential nutrients brings about a rapid recovery in many hard to cure conditions.

I have used parasite cleanses for all my clients since 1996 . Every client takes a comprehensive digestive enzyme, a green product, and specific nutrients.

Please call or e-mail for more information or appointments at  naturalherbaltherapy



Dr. Marilyn Chernoff
1924 Juan Tabo NE #E
Albuquerque, NM. 87112
P +1-505-292 2222

"I've studied with Hanna Kroeger and David Slater. I use the Clark books as my basic protocol. I am a naturopath-allergist."


Judy Kemecsei
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403
P +1-818 789-1698

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for 19 years (Bob Hope was my client for 7 years, 7 days a week). I'm currently working at a Spa and an Accupuncture clinic. I have 200 hours of Ayurvedic Medicine and have been reading as much about alternative medicine as I can for the last 20 years. It is my true passion. But since I have read Dr Clark's books I go by her theories . I tell all my massage clients about her cleanses and books.


Abbe Anderson
PO Box 474
Kennebunk, ME. 04043

"I have been offering Dr. Clark's liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite program and colon cleanse protocols to clients over the past year. I practice holographic repatterning, and teach yoga among other things. For more information, see my website,".


Alternative Health Associates
18333 Egret Bay Blvd. #100
Houston, TX. 77058
P +1-281-335 9633
F +1-281-335 7394

"I am a ND as well as a Master Herbalist and Iridologist. I have been doing parasite testing and treatment for two years now. I keep A Cure for All Cancers and Diseases both in stock in my office for my patients.

In our office we have a Massage Therapist, Colonic Therapist, Chiropractor, Iridologist, Naturopath, and Parasitologist. We do Emotional Release Therapy using Flower Remedies, testing for parasites and hormones and heavy metals, Complete Allergy Elimination, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Massage, Cranial Sacral work and Colonic Therapy. We treat the whole body: Mental, Physical, Structural, Nutritional, Spiritual and Emotional."


Ancient Waters Colon Therapy
Tucson, AZ 85737 (Northwest)
520.575.5812 - Ann Schnell
"It's a moving experience."

My services consist of gravity feed coffee colonics, massage therapy and esthetics. I  also have a zapper, ionic footbath, chi machine and slant board available for clients. I am a big supporter of Dr. Clarks protocols and products and recommed many of them to my clients. We must all take charge for our own health. No one has a better interest in your health than you do.


William Roush
Box 63-3000
Heredia, Costa Rica CA
P +506-260 2635 P +1-409-762 0595 US

"Come to a peaceful healing environment. We assist you with Dr. Clark's therapy combined with Reiki, uncontaminated foods, and the tranquility of Costa Rica."


Dr. Glen Canale
P.O. Box 366
Idyllwild, CA. 92549
P/F +1-909-659 5817

I use several machines in my practice including: EAV, Cymatic Therapy, Molecular Enhancement, Amythst Regenerator, Oxone Therapy, Ray Light Beam, F-Scan, Audio Visual Stimulation, Voice Analysis, QGM Machine, Color Therapy, Swing Master, Juice Therapy, Mini Thumper. I have been trained in Russia, Ukraine, England, and the U.S. My Doctorate is in Cymatic Therapy. I apply the Clark protocol.


Dr. Sylvia N. Callahan, ND.
11851 Coursey Blvd. #B
Baton Rouge, LA. 70816
P +1-225-291 0083
F +1-225-296-5181

"I am a Board-Certified N.D. in Baton Rouge, LA. and have been a believer of Dr. Clark's methods since I opened my office 4 years ago. I recommend the book 'The Cure for all Advanced Cancers" to numerous people and work with them on killing parasites, proper foods, etc. I own the QXCI, which zaps pathogens, allergens, etc. I am using the cleanses as well."


Dr. E. O'Dell Woods
1310 East 200 South Suite 103
University House
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
P +1-801-582-1745

He has been working with the Clark therapy and other alternative therapies for an extended amount of time.


William A. Brown, Dr.Ac., DCM., CIPH.
North London Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy Clinic
27 Orkney Crescent
London, ON. N5X 3R6
P. +1-519-642 2000

I have been using anti-parasitic herbs on patients for 6 years. Dr. Clarks method follows the Chinese herbal treatments for cancers and has not had any bad side effects to any of my patients. It is very safe and should be used by all people as a prevention for disease. In my clinic, I also offer Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, to balance the body's energy meridians, to assist the body in its healing. Let me help you back to health and guide you through the cleanse.


Interro North Health Center
59 Tecumseh Dr.
Aurora, Ontario
Canada L4G 2X2
P +1-905-713 0433
F +1-905-713 3363

"My name is Linda Miller and I am a registered nutritional consultant. I have been promoting Dr. Clark's work for 5 years. I do workshops, dental coaching,and support my clients as they regain their health. We also do ozone therapy.


Angelica and Gloria Ertel
Health In-Sync
42 Royal Park Blvd.
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
L4N 6M8
P +1-705-503 6125

At Health In-Sync we have with a 14 year background in holistic health and detoxification and have been doing the Hulda Clark protocols for the past 3 years.

We do syncrometer testing through personal consultations and saliva testing and guide our clients through the Dr. Clark protocols. We lecture on detoxification and the Hulda Clark protocols in Toronto.


Christine Nelson, N.D.
St-Adolphe-d'Howard, Qc
J0T 2B0

I am a naturopath and I'm using Dr Clark's protocol since the year 2000.
In the province of Quebec, I am often a reference for people to have a better understanding of Dr Clark's therapy.
I guide people through different steps to cleanse their body.
I use muscle testing in my practice.
I make Dr Clark's therapy available for people from France, Belgium and Quebec who cannot read Dr Clark's books because of the language barrier.




To get a list with holistic dentists in your area, write a SASE to:
Foundation for Toxic Free Dentistry
PO Box 608010
Orlando, FL. 32860-8010

That is a good starting point. Call a few to find a good one, asking Dr. Jerome's 4 questions from the Clark book.


Dr. Benjamin Arechiga, DDS
Paseo Centenario 10310-302
Zona del Rio, Tijuana, B.C.,
P +52-6646-829 464

Dr. Arechiga has been working with Dr. Hulda Clark's patients. He is an oral surgeon and works in a professional team together with a dentist and a dental technician plus supporting staff. Their work is 1A quality and they are better equipped than most US dental practices (e.g. digital panoramic Xray) while the prices are reasonable.


Frank Jerome, D.D.S.
639 Washington Street
Columbus, IN. 47201
P +1-812-376-8525
We are one hour south of Indianapolis, IN., on I-65.

"We are a very conservative practice that tries to maintain as much enamel as possible. This means that we crown only previously crowned teeth. We are willing to work with any Dr. Clark patients to do what they need and want done. Patients for the west or east coast find it less expensive to come to see us even with the costs of travel and hotel stays than to have the work done nearer home. We have seen patients from half the states and five other continents. We remove root canaled teeth, treat cavitations, and thoroughly clean tooth sockets after extractions. We have been doing this for over 30 years. My book, "The Tooth Truth", is written for patients to protect themselves from dentists. It is highly recommended reading before you see a dentists. It is available from this website."


Dr. Oscar Solorio
Consultorio Dental Solorio Valdivia
Avenida 5 de Mayo 964
Zona Centro
Tijuana, B.C., C.P. 22000
P +52-6646-853 973
F +52-6646-852 449

Dr. Solorio has over 25 years of experience and over 5 years of amalgam free holistic dental experience. His mission is to restore the health, function and well being of his patients, using proven holistic dental techniques and biocompatible materials. To achieve this goal, he prefers to work hand in hand with your physician to achieve the best results possible.

Dr. Hulda Clark considers that his techniques and the way he practices is compatible to her protocol and refers her clients to Dr. Solorio. Dr. Solorio used to work together for several years with Dr. Arechiga, where Dr. Clark would send all her patients.


John W. Johnson DDS
New Albany Adult Dentistry
5121 Forest Drive Suite A
New Albany, Ohio 43054
(614) 775-9300

"Over the last 16 years our office has been committed to providing safe, long-lasting, biocompatible dentistry to compliment your total health. We follow Dr. Clark's and Dr. Huggins' protocols regarding mercury removal; tooth, root canal, cavitations and surgeries. It is our mission to understand our patients total health goals and work with them to form a plan for optimal dental health as is compliments their well being."


Dr. Mitchell L. Marder, DDS
822A NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA. 98125
P +1-206 367 6453
F +1-206 367 4971

"I currently follow Dr. Clark's ideas, e.g. metal-free dentistry, muscle testing for infections, materials, etc., and the dental clean-up.

The practice primarily focuses in three areas:

The removal and replacement of toxic materials, ie mercury, mixed metals, root canals, cavitations
Holistic, herbal treatment of periodontal disease
The structural (coordinated with cranial care) treatment of cranial and jaw dysfunction. Utilizing mouth splints and manual therapy (CST) to care for jaw and head pain."

Dr. Mark A. Breiner, DDS, LLC, FAGD, FIAOMT
325 Post Road #3A
Orange, CT. 06477
P +1-203-799-6353

Dr. Breiner was recommended by a patient. He is familar with Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Hal Huggins.


Dr. Ray Behm, DDS
127 N Garden Ave
Clearwater, FL. 33755
P +1-727-446 6747

Dr. Behm was recommended by a patient.


Dr. Richard T. Hansen, DDS
Fullerton, CA.
P +1-714-870 0310

Dr. Hansen was recommended by a patient. He trains other dentists as well.


Dr. John Moreno, DDS
Dana Point, CA.
P +1-949-487 9220.

Dr. Moreno was recommended by a patient that writes: "I highly recommend Dr. John Moreno for his kind heart, knowledge in his work and affordable fee."


Dr. Ezekiel N. Lagos, DDS
P.O. Box 210513
Chula Vista, CA. 91921-0513
P +1-877-356-0056
F 01152-6646-802386

I am a biologic dentist, and I invite you to read my web site at I am doing TDR (total dental revision). I am available for any the dental needs of patients following the Clark protocol. Feel free to email me or call me toll free at 1-877-356-0056 if you have any questions.


Dr. Juan Carlos Hernandez, DDS
Tijuana, Mexico
P 01152-6646-963716

"I am a dentist practicing with a license since 1987. Since 1989 I started to practice holistic dentistry at Dr. Donsbach clinic in Rosarito, Mexico. I was also working with Dr. Morales for six years. Since 1990 until now I am the head doctor at the American Metabolic Hospital. I have been working with Dr. Clark directly since 1995 or `96.

I trained and introduced Dr. Benjamin Arechiga to practice the techniques of Dr. Clark. Lately, I have been attending Dr. Clark`s patients by the referrals of Dagmar Ward.

My new location at the Allen Lloyd Building is located just across the border on the Mexican side."


Blvd. Agua Caliente # 4558 suite. CC1B
Tijuana B.C. México
P 01152-6646-86 11 58
F 01152-6646-86 62 95

"We have been working for several years with the main Cancer treatment clinics in the area, attending cancer patients, with the strict protocols involved."




Horst Tippenhauer, MD
Miltenberg, Germany

Dr. Tippenhauer has been practicing holistic medicine for many years with electro acupuncture and bio resonance procedures as well as oxygen therapy and colonics. He also uses extensive intravenous antioxidant therapy. He has been using the Clark protocol for almost three years in his practice.


Praxis SanaVital
Zieglerstrasse 44
3007 Berne
Tel. +41-31-312 2126
Fax + 41-31-312 2127

Several trained naturopaths work at Gesundheitspraxis SanaVital GmbH

SanaVital is specialized in the following therapies: Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol (also intensive programs for chronically ill), Syncrometer testing (also saliva tests), colonics, kirlian analysis, dark field microscopy, classical massage, foot reflexology, acupuncture massage, headache and migraine massage, spinal therapy according to Dorn, scar tissue balancing, cupping, manual therapies (body therapy), bio resonance, fasting according to F.X. Mayr and eliminating diets.


Praxis Tesic
D. Domjanica 32
33405 Pitomaca
P +385 33 782 405

Sasha Tesic and his brother Dominic are Croatians who grew up in Germany. They have studied Oriental Medicine in Japan and went back to Croatia to open a clinic for oriental medicine, incorporating Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol.. As OMDs (Oriental Medicine Doctors) they can do all steps necessary for the Clark protocol. They are equipped to take all kinds of patients, including terminal cancer patients.


Alan Baklayan, naturopath
Unterer Anger 16
80331 München
P +49-89-260 92 27
F +49-89-260 261 72

Alan has been working with the Clark therapy very intensively for over 5 years. He has written three books about the practical use of the Clark therapy in German, published at Goldmann. He is focusing on frequency therapy and supplementation as well as diet changes. His specialties are fungus and allergies.


Ignacio Chamorro Balda
Nutricionista ortomolecular
Experto en nutrición celular activa
Formado directamente en la Clínica Clark de Méjico
C/Maudes, 15- entreplanta A.

28003 MADRID
Telf. 91-441-12-43


Genoveva Micaela Gonzalez Cruz
C/Domingo J. Navarro 10-1° Dcha
35002 Triana
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canary Island - Spain
Telefono: +34-928-906785
Skype: consultanaturopatia

After years of working as head of reception at hotels, along with her partner decides to introduce  the protocols of Dr. Hulda Clark into the Canary Islands. She graduates from naturopathic schooling and attends extensive courses with Heike Siemes. She opens a Center in Las Palmas where she soon becomes a reference point of the archipelago  with reference to the application of Dr. Hulda Clark's protocols using Dr. Clark's diagnostic device - the Syncrometer. She treats any kind of pathology and firmly believes that:  A CURE IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL DISEASES.


Roy MacKinnon,
14 Tyndalls Park Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PY, U.K.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 117 909 1386

I have a 15 year background as a therapist using flower essences, essential oils, zen shiatsu, food supplements and herbs. For the last 5 years I have devoted myself almost exclusively to the detox protocols of Dr. Clark in their application to chronic and serious illness.

To minimise travelling and expense I now conduct telephone consultations only, often with the carer or loved one of the patient. My aim is to help you implement in your home the Dr. Clark detox programme for yourself/loved one in a manageable series of steps.

Information regarding sources of pure supplements, domestic items and dental work form part of my service. Syncrometer testing is also available.


Star St. George Kennedy MAAPA
38 Shepton Court,
Battersea Church Road,
SW11 3PJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 350 0938
Mobile:      +44 (0) 7979 002310
I am a fully qualified and insured Holistic Practitioner.

For 20 years I have been offering  safe, confidential, natural, drug-free help for  physical or emotional trauma, stress-related or chronic conditions, infertility, all stages of pregnancy, back, neck and shoulder problems, parasites, bacterial infections and viral infections, including HIV, Lyme Disease and Epstein-Barr.

My training includes Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Native American Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression , Kinesiology, NLP, Australian Bush Flowers, Theta Healing and Counselling. I have also been using Dr. Clark's herbs, zappers and frequency generators since 1997 in my practice, with great results. Currently, I am setting up a practice to help airline pilots and crew who are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I usually help people on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time.
A full consultation is carried out to determine the most appropriate and effective help for each individual.
Consultations are available at Battersea, Clapham Junction or Sloane Square.
Telephone consultations are also available.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque or PayPal.


Loren Brown RIPH&H
BodyCare UK Ltd.
3 Grerat Melton Road,
Hethersett, Norwhich, Norfolk, NR9 3AB
P +44 1603 813577

Dr Clark therapist Loren Brown and Dr. Robin Heij, MBChB DA (SA) located in England specializing in weight loss, addiction etc. Therapies offered: Pathogen Cleanse, Liver & Kidney Cleanse, Colon Cleanse using Oxygen Healing Therapy, Immune System Boost, Beauty Therapy using very carefully chosen cosmetics, non-surgical facelift, Reflexology, BodyWrap, Full Spectrum Lighting, Ear Candling and Syncrometer saliva testing to establish what is really going on inside your body. We also treat animals. Please call for fact sheets, testimonies, cassettes and videos.

We arrange bespoke short breaks to suite your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Melanie Davies
The Cottage
Bovisand Lane
Down Thomas, Devon PL9 OAE
The UK
P +44-1752-862 411
F +44-1752-862 411

I am a massage and reiki therapist, but have worked solely for the past 7 years with Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol, after having visited with her in her clinic in Mexico. I use only supplements that are absolutely in accordance with her directions. I also work with intestinal cleansing programs.


Dr. William H. van Ewijk, M.D.,M.A.
Autobiologics BV, The Placenta Research Foundation
JOL 24-19
8243 GN Lelystad
The Netherlands P +31-320-247 326 F +31-320-247 327

Dr. van Ewijk has been working with the Clark therapy and other protocols for several years.


César Medrano
C/Ntra Sra. del Carmen 3 - 1ºA
28039 Madrid
Tel. +34-915791721

La consulta es de Naturopatía, Acupuntura, nutrición e hidroterapia de colon principalmente. La terapia de la Dra. Clark la incluyo principalmente con el Zapper y las limpiezas de Parásitos, hígado, riñón e intestinos. Para más información de las terapias y actividades visita


Lizzie Källström
Hulda Clark Klinikken
Vestermarken 2B
2750 Ballerup
P +45-44 64 88 08

"I have been practicing as a therapist for more than 35 years and have a wide knowledge of many different methods. Since I have learned about the methods of Dr. Hulda Clark in 1995, I have concentrated on this therapy. Besides working in the field of developing reliable bio-electric equipment."


Complementaire Gezondheidszorg Susteren
Molenlaan 45,
6114  GN Susteren

My Name is Theelen, G.R.E.C.
I am a regestered Homeopaat / Naturopaat ( klassiek homeopaat, Natuurgeneeskundige en Orthomoleculair Voedingsadviseur)
We are specialized in classic homeopathy, natural health care and orthomolecular nutrition.
We are working in the alternative medicine for more than 10 years and tried all kinds of treadments. The most successful is the treadment with the dr. Clark methode.
In our therapeutic centre we use the BioStream Twin Module together with persnonal zappers as a subtreandment for the main treadment by classic homeopathy or naturopatic treadment.
We are fully registered in the Dutch heath system as registered therapeuts with a so called "zorgverlenersnummer".
The Dutch Social Security System is paying the consults in accodance with the social security policies.
We speak Dutch, German, English.


ABC Naturterapi
Drammensvn. 104 H
0273 Oslo
P +47 452 84 837

I have been working with Hulda Clarks method for many years and with many other alternative protocols for even more years.


Ageliki Priakou, B. Sc.
Complementary Health Education Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
Mpaltatzi 40
37100 Almyros
P +30-2422-024649

I am certified in Devon, England as a Nutritionist. I've been using the Gerson therapy and detoxification methods for carcer, diabetes, multiple slerosis and other chronic diseases. The last two years, I have been working with the Clark protocols, together with diet and life style changes. Also, I have translated Dr. Clark's protocol in Greek for patients who can not read her books.




Dr. Kübler, DDS
St. Blasienstrasse 12
79761 Waldshut
P +49-775-11000

Dr. Kübler is an experienced holistic dentist and has been working with the Clark therapy for years.


Dr. John Roberts
141 Whitworth Road
Rochdale OL 12 0RE
P +44-1706-525905

"We offer treatment to people following the Hulda Clark protocol, and have been happy to keep reviewing these patients once mercury fillings are removed".


Dr. Emilia Rippel
Farkastorki ut 11.
H-1037 Budapest
Tel.: +36-1-3686 179 or +36-30-280 5198

Dr. Rippel was recommended by a patient.



Australia and New Zealand

Vincent Coyte, N.D.
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Phone from Australia 0408506230 or 61408506230 from outside Australia

I am a registered naturopath. I use the syncrometer and follow the Clark protocol in my practice. *************************************

Prof. Noel Campbell
PO Box 137
Parkville, VIC 3052
P +61-3-9639-6090
F +61-3-9639-6392

Parkville Clinic includes traditional doctors with medical training together with alternative practitioners providing Diagnosis and Integrated Medical Treatment for a wide range of medical and dental problems. Dental diagnosis includes cavitations, galvanism and biocompatible materials.

Our main focus is on Cancer, Heavy Metal Toxicity and HIV.

We have embraced many of Dr Clark’s concepts in our treatment protocols, together with proven European treatment modalities.


Vickie Williams ND DMH DRM DPC
184 Warrandyte Road
Ringwood North 3134
Victoria, Australia
P +61-3-9876 6288

"I am a Naturopath and Herbalist working in private practice in Victoria, Australia. I use Dr. Clark's parasite program extensively. The walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves in addition to the kideny and liver tonics.

In addition to this I also use the parasite zapping program in the form of the EAV machine called LISTEN and the Biomeridian machine called BEST, both of these have the frequencies of all the parasites, mold, fungi, toxins, solvents, virus and bacteria as well as environmentals listed in Dr. Clark's 'Cure of all Diseases'.

I treat humans as well as dogs with the above."


Luke Boissevain
15 Janson Crt
Croydon Nth, 3136
Victoria, Australia
P +61-3-9722 0915

"I am located in Melbourne, Australia and run a nutritional consultancy, and health practitioner business working with patients with Dr. Clark's cleanses and protocol.

I personally Zap and use the three herbs combination (wormwood, cloves, black walnut hulls) and I recommend Dr. Clark's remedy to all my clients and use it extensively."


Better Health Research Centre
Cook Islands 
phone: (682) 24 940
address: box 133
               Rarotonga - Cook Islands

At Better Health we have syncrometer testing, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy and homeopathy. A great dentist to refer you to for clean up. Perfect place for a health vacation. The Cook Islands are south of Hawaii, west of Tahiti, east of Samoa, north of New Zealand, a tropical paradise!



South America

Natasha Contreras
Urbanizacion Santa Fe Norte
calle Santa Isabel no. 37
Caracas 1080
Tel 979 5152

Terapista Ocupacional. Fisioterapista. Acupuntura tradicional china. Naturismo (iridologia, Nutricion y rehabilitation de colon: colonicos). Zapper y protocolos de la Dra. Clark




Shelley Keith
P.O.Box 101018
Scottsville 3209
South Africa
P +27 33 330 7613
F +27 33 330 2698

Dedicated and full time Clark practitioner since Nov 1999, having recovered from a long illness thanks to the Clark protocols. Focus is on facilitating the effective implementation of Dr Clark's programs throughout the Southern African region, with a manufacturing facility to provide products locally. Consultations are available face to face or telephonically.


Ben Ashoori
94, 22nd St.
Menlo Park, Pretoria 0081
South Africa
P +27-12-998-5319  or +27(0)827-07-6900
F +27-12-346-3439

I am an Herbalist in South Africa using Dr. Clark's advice for treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS for three years with good results.




Dr. Heng Hua Chan
Natural Health Clinic,
332, Pertama Complex, Jln T.A. Rahman,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P +603-26920253

I am a nutritionist & homeopath practising for the past 24 years in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. My main concern is bad dentistry - amalgam, crowns & root canals can cause health problems. With our Syncrometer & German EAV devices, I can detect heavy metals & other toxins before anti-doting them. These poisons burden our immune systems which then allow for parasites & diseases to take hold.I prescribe the use of Dr. Hulda Clark's Cleanses & her Zappers (with program drivers) for the extermination of pathogens.


Dinesh Mehendiratta
The Healing Centre
P.O. Box 28175
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-50-5010952
Fax: +971-(0)8-4482305

"I am an Alternative Therapist who runs a non-profit "The Healing Center" with like minded therapist and we use a combination of healing modalities, including Dr. Clark's therapy.

We are into healing with a combined experience of over 14 years and have healed over 500+ cases in the region. Anyone from the Middle East is welcome to contact us by e-mail for any of their ailments and like Dr. Clark I too believe: THERE IS A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES......"



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