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September 9, 2003 -         Clark Seminars, Our Waters and Summary of New Book


January 4, 2005 -             Dr. Clark: Website Change, New Book, Electrotherapy Research
March 6, 2005 -                Dr. Clark: Summary of New Book, Saliva Tests and New Tumor Detector
April 30, 2005 -                 Dr. Clark: Our Water, Summary of New Book and Saliva tests
July  22, 2005 -                 FINALLY IT IS HERE!
July 24, 2005 -                  Dr. Clark in Montreux, Summary of New Book and Liver cleanses
November 30, 2005 -       Clark Symposium, CD rom and Summary of New Book


April 22, 2006 -                 Clark seminar in Italian, Clean body-care products and Parkinson’s disease
August 5th, 2006 -            Dr. Clark in Crete
September 13, 2006 -     Our Website changes face, Symposium on frequencies, Dr. Clark in Crete and Shingles


January 8,, 2007 -             Naturopath Heike Siemes’ visit to Dr. Clark, Updated website overview, Clean  body-care products
March 8, 2007 -                 Website in Spanish, Worldwide seminars, Chlorine Liver flush testimonials  and pictures
June 20, 2007 -                 Kidney cleanse, Worldwide seminars, Saliva tests
September 13, 2007 -      It is your turn Australia! Also included: information about Ozone therapy and the Bowel Cleanse
October 16, 2007 -          The Parasite cleanse, next seminar in Australia and more details and  Colloidal
November 20, 2007 -       Upcoming Seminars in Australia, The Parasite cleanse and the Hopewood  Children


January 8, 2008 -              Seminars in Australia, The Parasite cleanse (part three), HIFU – a future or  present selective cancer treatment
April 15, 2008 -                 Dr. Clark’s new book, Seminars, Death by pharmaceutical drugs
June 24, 2008 -                 The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers” book by Dr. Clark, Seminars, Germs
September 30, 2008 -     The Cancer complex, Polarization, Doctrine of Signatures
November 21, 2008 -       Polarization, Allergies, Shower steam and chlorine


January 25, 2009 -           Update of our informational website on Dr. Clark
March 21, 2009 -              Worms and Hands –(watch the video), Change in lifestyle, Saliva Tests
July 9th, 2009 -                 Codex Alimentarius – Video with Dr. Rima Laibow, Toxins in our drinking water, Obesity virus
September 10, 2009 -     Tribute in memory of Dr. Clark
September 16, 2009 -     In remembrance of Dr. Clark
October 3, 2009 -             In memory of Dr. Hulda CLark - an amazing woman
December 21, 2009 -      Would you drink a glass of water with a drop of poison?, The pandemic causer or solver?, Heike’s corner – Let’s learn more about Dr. Clark’s protocols, Pet health and household cleaning agents


February 16, 2010 -        The liver flush, seminars, website update, Heike's corner, saliva tests 



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