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Dear Visitor,

This section is dedicated to the products and devices you need in order to apply the information found in the headings: "Dr. Clark's Protocol" and "Cleanses and Clean-ups".

Dr. Clark Information Center is an Information Center only. We are non commercial and do not sell any products other than informative material.

Nonetheless, many people that contact us via email for information regarding Dr. Clark's protocol also ask about products. Therefore we found it necessary to create  this section in order to complete our informative website regarding Dr. Clark's Protocol.

In this section you will not only find all herbs, supplements, vitamins, devices and techniques mentioned in Dr. Clark's books, but we have also listed some companies where you  can find these products. Please note that we do not receive any commissions from them nor are we in any way commercially linked to them. We recommend them because we have had good experiences with these companies, but this does not mean that all their products are according to Dr. Clark. 

You can find more information on these companies under the heading "Products Dr. Clark"

Kindly yours,.

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