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Getting Back Immunity 

Setting free our white blood cells first, before anything else, will reward us with earlier success and less detox-illness. They can then join us in clearing away the accumulations in our tumors. Otherwise, we would have to take "mountains" of supplements to remove the flotsam and jetsam, like nail polish, shampoo, toothpaste, Freon, felt marker ink, soap, car wax, motor oil, ice cream flavoring, rust remover and wheel bearing grease from our tumors and it would take much too long. After the white blood cells have eaten and removed all this "trash" we want them to start eating the tumor cells themselves, together with their bacteria, viruses, and oncoviruses.

To free our white blood cells from their 5 destroyers we must first stop eating and drinking them. We must think of each white blood cell as a tiny miracle and not burden it with indigestible food or food antigens or frivolous things like cosmetics, toothpaste, or metal jewelry. You came into the world without a single one of these and now your immune system needs its vacation.

In earlier books many recipes were given to replace your cosmetics, dyes, and jewelry if you have a very demanding job. Otherwise, use NOTHING.

 Our white blood cells are our immune system

The immune system in each organ takes care of its own organ. It is made of special "soldier" cells that guard this organ. These white blood cells call this organ their home. They may, though, leave this organ to visit ("communicate") with others in other organs. Most of this is done in your lymph nodes, their communication centers. It reminds us of beehives with their elaborate communication systems, all meant to keep the hive unified and thriving. Our white blood cells have the same purpose and for this reason they have special powers. They can "sense" an enemy of ours from far away, for example, lead molecules or SV 40 viruses. For this they need their "skins". Their outer membranes are their skins. Special sensors are imbedded in them. The rest of the membrane is made of a double-layered "fence" of fat molecules that keep out intruders and toxic molecules.

 The white blood cells can tell the difference between friends and enemies from a long way off. When a macrophage senses an enemy it moves toward it. Its big clumsy feet are called pseudopods but they can make long thin pseudopods, too. It reminds us of an armored tank when we watch it move in a live blood sample. White blood cells have a number of w ays they can attack our enemies. Large enemies must be attacked and killed before they can be nibbled away. Smaller enemies like bacteria and viruses can be eaten whole just by engulfing them and then killed after they are inside. They are easily picked up with long thin pseudopods sent after them. Even prions are eaten.

White blood cells can make powerful chemicals called cytokines and leukokines. They include interleukins and interferons.

The Syncrometer' has detected many more such chemicals, also in very minute amounts. I have called them weapons (see page 109). Weapons are used to destroy the larger parasites so our digestive enzymes can digest them and our white blood cells can eat them. All available weapons are used in times of heavy parasitism.

DMSO is one such weapon. It destroys allyl sulfide, an onion-chemical needed by Fasciolopsis buski cercaria. MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), another weapon we make, destroys diallyl sulfide and allyl methyl sulfide, more onion-chemicals. Benzoquinone, in very minute amounts, destroys dozens of toxins as well as one of the Ascaris varieties (lumbricoides). Rhodizonic acid destroys Ascaris megalocephala.

Complement is another very important part of the immune system. It is a family of molecules used as spears! It is a way of spearing our tiny enemies so the white blood cells can eat them.

Different white blood cells are given different jobs to do. They are very organized in their one real task-to protect you. Using the Syncrometerฎ I have distinguished ten kinds of white blood cells. They are CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes, CD37 B cells, CD14 macrophages, and six more varieties that eat dyes and motor oil. The CD4s eat and kill viruses. The CD8s include our natural killers. They are even seen killing CD4s when these are not able to kill the viruses they have eaten. The CD 14s eat everything, except you. Both CD8s and CD 14s are flesh eaters; only these can eat tumor cells and large parasite pieces. We can also distinguish, electronically, the red blood cells (RBCs), platelets, eosinophils and megakaryocytes, all of them floating in the blood. Platelets are just tiny chips, not even cells, too small to hold a nucleus. Their job is to fill in the tiny tears and holes that are always developing in the long "pipelines" we call arteries and veins. This job is called blood clotting. Eosinophils are white blood cells that can spit histamine at enemies; they increase as Ascaris increases. During the accumulating period of a tumor, which I call the middle phase, thousands of things are brought into the organ that has the tumor. They should have been brought to the liver or kidneys but, instead, they were deposited at the tumor site. Why didn't the white blood cells kill or remove all of these undesirables and bits of trash? That was their job. Why couldn't they keep up`? They, too, along with the tumor cells and kidneys, became south polarized by the cargo they had to carry. Several kinds of PCBs, benzene, asbestos, dozens of heavy metals, malonic acid, motor oil, and hundreds of dyes as well as wheel bearing grease that had many of these imbedded in it, all arrived together from the drinking water to keep them south polarized constantly. They could not cycle from north to south and back again to do their work. They were meant to pick up a southerly cargo, which temporarily turns them south, process it, expel it, and turn themselves back to north again for the next cargo. Northerly is their normal state for making a pick-up. But it takes work and vital energy to process the cargo and turn itself back to northerly. This system of cycling can fail when the white blood cells are overwhelmed with too much ferrite iron or nickel and other heavy metals that are south. (A small magnet can be overwhelmed by a large magnet to change its polarity.) We will help them catch up with this task first, and then get them into action for us.

First of all, stop all sources of immunity destroyers.

(From "The Prevention of all Cancers", pages 199-202; Copyright notice)

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