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Toxins and Removal

Dear Visitor,

I think you will find this section very helpful.  This section lists toxins which accumulate in our body and how to remove them. This is a very important part of Dr. Clark's protocol.

  1. Parasites, bacteria and other pathogens feed on metals and toxins in order to keep living.
  2. Metals and other turn our organs to a southerly polarization during the day, instead of north pole.
  3. Our immune system becomes permanently handicapped and cannot do its job properly.

    Not only will this section will make you familiar with the metals, solvents and toxins that we encounter on regular basis in our diet, in our teeth, in our body-care and home cleaning products, as mentioned in the other headings of this section "Cleanses and Clean-ups", but also what is needed to get back and restore our immunity.

    By applying this section together with rest of the "Cleanses and Clean-ups" and with the electrical treatment described under the heading "Devices & Techniques". , good results can be achieved.

    Kindly yours,

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    Toxins & chelation
    by successteam

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